Andre Drummond says "There's not much you can do when he is in that type of groove"

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Andre Drummond says "There's not much you can do when he is in that type of groove" Empty Andre Drummond says "There's not much you can do when he is in that type of groove"

Post  cool breeze on Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:27 pm

That says it all relating to how difficult it must be to coach our Piston players. Hello Andre there was something you could have done to stop Gasol. Starting out the game in a fog didn't help the cause. You have to do more than just jog down the court Mr. Drummond. Drummond looks like he is going through a walk through before a game while the real game is actually being played. He is not reacting to what is going on relating to the man he is guarding. There is no connection going on in his brain it seems. If you are being backed down in the paint you should know that Gasol is trying to get in position to make a jump stop and then go up with a jump shot. What do you do in that situation Andre? Why not anticipate and work hard to get in his space and challenge his jump shot? That is the problem with Drummond. He seldom gives the effort needed to challenge shooters. If Gasol is standing beyond the free throw line and the ball is on one side, what do you look for Andre? Is he that challenged mentally not to get his ass out on his man standing all alone before Gasol receives the basketball? And when guarding Gasol on top of the key, is Gasol that quick that a athletic player like Drummond cannot stay in front of him and get all over his ass when he picks up his dribble so he has to make a pass? Andre Drummond is a lazy faker type defender who plays defense like Kent Benson when he faked it for the Pistons years ago. Who is the real Andre Drummond? Is he a feared defender in the NBA? Does he want to be known as a feared defender in the NBA? Does he look back to see where his man is before an opponent takes a shot so he can protect the rim? No that doesn't cross Andre's mind. He thinks he can just rest and still get the rebound without jumping. The problem with the Pistons is the fact that they cannot get stops and cannot secure defensive rebounds when opposing players miss easy shots. That screws up the Piston offense. And there is no excuse that works even though Andre tried with his lame comments about Gasol's hot hand. Gasol had way too many open shots where he was not challenged at all. If the coach spins that story line of Andre's then we all know for sure that he is a weak coach. Andre should have said that he played like crap but learned from it and hates being embarrassed. His response was much like Charlie V when he stated that the reason why the Pistons were losing so many games had nothing to do with the players talent level. Maybe Charlie is right and our Pistons continue to be losers because they just don't really give a crap if they win or lose. The talent is there but who wants to burn up all those calories before you go out to the clubs after the game? The girls all know that our players have a lot of talent.

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